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We care about you. We seek to nourish your bellies and delight your soul. We create food that is made with love and is great to eat. We use products that are organic, locally grown, fresh-as-absolutely-possible, high quality and just plain yummy. We love and respect our suppliers.

We care for our earth, our neighborhood and you, our Paradise Pantry family.


daily menu.

Served from 11am - closing
Our daily menu includes selections that were at one time specials.
Ordered by customers time and time again, these favorites have earned a place on our everyday menu.
Come often, try them all and discover your favorite.


Pantry Cheese Plate
4 house selected artisan cheeses served with seasonal & dried fruit, marcona almonds, toasted walnuts, gourmet marinated olives & baguette. 20 / 2 person minimum (9 per additional person)

Mini Cheese Plate
Perfect for one — 2 house selected artisan cheeses served with seasonal & dried fruit, marcona almonds, toasted walnuts, gourmet marinated olives & baguette.  11

Meat Sampler Plate
House selection of 2 salamis and 1 cured meat. 5 (per person)

Meat sides, 1 oz
Jamón Serrano, Prosciutto or Speck.  5
Salami. 3

Plate Extras
Quince Paste, 1 oz.  3
Course Grain Mustard .  1.50
Cornichons .   1.50
Frog Balls .  4
Lavender Honey .  4
Truffle Honey.  6
Heavenly Orange Blossom Honey.  3
Truffle Butter, 1 oz.  6
Vermont Cultured Butter, 1 oz.  3
Side of Pita or Herbed Crostini.  2.50
Gluten-free Toast or Crackers.   3
Side of Any Pâté, 1 oz.  6



Pâté Plate
Single 3oz. portion of your choice of pâté, served with herbed crostini & accoutrement.  14

Pâté Sampler
A sampling of 3 pâtés of your choice, served with cornichons & crostini.  18

Choose from the following:
+ Vegan mushroom & pistachio with marsala figs
+ Artichoke heart with sundried tomato & goat cheese
+ Duck & pork mousse
+ Country pate (pork) with butter and herbs
+ Smoked salmon with capers & roasted shallots
+ Minced truffle spread. 4

Special Nibbles

Milk & Honey
A special pairing of artisan cheese & honey with ciabatta toast.  12

Roasted Grape Olive & Cipolline Tapenade
Served with goat cheese on grilled ciabatta.  12
+ Add an extra piece.  6

Pantry Bruschetta
2 pieces of grilled ciabatta with burrata cheese, walnut basil pesto, oven roasted tomatoes & drizzled with balsamic glaze.  12
+ Add an extra piece.  6

Avocado Toast
Sourdough ciabatta, mashed avocado, Green Goddess & pistachio pesto & pickled Persian cucumber. 14
+ local tomato. 2
+ Rio Gozo Farm egg. 2
+ Monarch Meadows duck egg. 3

Hummus Plate
Our house made hummus served with marinated peppers & seasoned pita chips. 13
+ Extra pita.  2.50
+ Sub raw veggies.  2.50

Pantry Dipping Oil
Fresh baguette with local First Step Farms artisan olive oil, sel gris, cracked pepper, balsamic & freshly grated Parmesan.  8

Gluten Free Bread.  2

Sumptuous Grilled Sandwiches

Add a Side Salad $4, Mini Haze Salad $8, or Cup of Soup $6. Split plate charge. $1.50

Roasted Turkey and Pesto
Aged white cheddar and house made basil walnut pesto.  16 Whole . 9 Half

Rosemary Ham
Holey Cow Cheese fresh tomato & arugula.  16 Whole . 9 Half

Old World Pastrami
Langer's pastrami with Red Dragon mustard ale cheese.  16 Whole . 9 Half

Pantry Caprese
Fresh mozzarella with oven roasted tomato & basil walnut pesto on artisan ciabatta.  15 Whole . 9 Half

Grilled Cheeez
Vella rosemary jack & aged cheddar with caramelized onions.  14 Whole . 8 Half

Gourmet PB&J
Big Spoon artisan peanut butter with plum & white nectarine jam.  14 Whole . 8 Half

A Pantry favorite. Italian truffle cheese & baby arugula - sandwich is wrapped with prosciutto & Panini grilled.  20 Whole . 11 Half

Ono Melt
Fresh roasted Ono mixed with fennel, capers, herbs & caramelized onion. Served open face with tomato & arugula on artisan bread. Topped with melted aged white cheddar.  18 Whole . 10 Half

The Vegan
Fresh hummus, sweet peppers, cucumbers, local tomato, baby arugula & sunflower sprouts on sourdough ciabatta.  16 Whole . 9 Half

Mac 'n Cheeez

Standard Mac
Our blend of 3 artisan cheeses with a herb Parmesan crust.  16 Entrée . 10 Mini

Kel's "Killer" Mac
Kelly gets crazy with the weekly special mac. Definitely a Pantry favorite! Entree and mini sizes available at Market Price. Call to check weekly specials*.  MP

Soups & Salads

Our soups are made from scratch and our salads are created with organic greens and local produce.

Spicy Fish Soup
Fresh fish in a white wine, saffron & tomato broth with roasted peppers, garlic & herbs, & topped with micro cilantro, dairy-free, gluten-free.  16 Bowl . 8 Cup

Fish Bowl
Our spicy fish soup served with basmati rice, avocado & creme fraiche, gluten-free. 20 Bowl

Soup of the Day
Ask your server for today's selection.  MP

Pantry House Salad
Fresh mixed greens tossed with roasted grape and white balsamic vinaigrette.  5 Side

Purple Haze
Cypress Grove goat cheese on top of mixed greens, sliced apples, strawberries & walnuts with white balsamic vinaigrette, vegetarian.  20 Full . 9 Side

Seasonal Market Salad
Chef's selection of farmer's market vegetables on greens tossed with tomato tarragon dressing. Ask about today's selection.  MP

Grilled Salmon Salad
Organic lettuces, local tomato, cucumber, avocado & lemon sumac vinaigrette topped with local pea tendrils. 24

Roasted Ono Salad
Roasted Ono mixed with house aioli, fresh herbs, capers, shallots, fennel, lemon & garlic, served on top of mixed greens with local tomato & crostini, tossed with tomato tarragon vinaigrette.  18

Add Ons & Sides

Caramelized Onions.  2
Half Avocado.  MP
Walnut Basil Pesto.  3
Oven Roasted Tomatoes.  3
Bleu Cheese.  3
Burrata, 2 oz. 5

Selected Salami, 1.5 oz.  3
Side of Jamón Serrano, Speck or Prosciutto, 1 oz.  5
Side of Ham, Pastrami, Turkey or Mortadella, 3 oz.  5
Side of Ono Salad, 3 oz.  6
Side of Sweet Hot pickles.  2

House-made Paradise Pantry Desserts

S’more Paradise
House made graham cookie, milk chocolate, caramel sauce & sel gris, with Ken’s homemade marshmallow.  4 each

Fresh Chèvre Cheesecake
Infused with local lavender honey & a macron almond cookie crust with housemade seasonal fruit puree.  13

Banana Bread Pudding
House made brioche & banana with a bit o’ cinnamon topped with Big Spoon Almond Butter, Marcona almonds & caramel sauce served with Mascarpone vanilla whipped cream.  13

Milk & Honey
Chef’s selection of artisan cheese & lavender honey served with grilled ciabatta.  12

Burrata & Berries
Fresh Burrata over fresh berries & seasonal fruit, drizzled with olive oil & served with grilled ciabatta.  12

Dark Chocolate Pot de Crème
Served with our mixed berry rosé sauce & Mascarpone vanilla whipped cream.  12 Full . 7 Mini    

Butterscotch Pot de Crème
Finished with caramel sauce, crème fraîche & sel gris.  12 Full . 7 Mini

Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée
Served with mixed berry rosé sauce.  12 Full . 7 Mini

Dessert Trio
A sampling of 3 mini desserts; dark chocolate, butterscotch & crème brulee, served with our mixed berry rosé sauce & Mascarpone vanilla whipped cream.  18

Petty Ranch Meyer Lemon Pie - Seasonal
Rosemary walnut crust with berry sauce & mascarpone whipped cream. 13

Liquid Dessert


Warres White.  6
Noval Black.  8
Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve.  8
Noval 10 Year Tawny.  11
Noval 20 Year Tawny.  16
Cossart Gordon “Rainwater” Madeira.  6
Cossart Gordon Madeira Bual, 5yr.  12


Roxo “Ruby Tradicional” 2009 Paso Robles.  12
Margerum Amaro.  13


Ojai Vineyard “Late Harvest Riesling” 2013.  14
Disznoko Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2007.  16
Chateau dauphine rondillon loupiac cuvee 2007.  12
“Dolce” Late Harvest 2008.  20

Happiest Hour Menu

Tuesday 4pm - closing . Wednesday - Friday 4pm - 6pm

Sangria. 8 glass . 24 carafe        Mimosa. 6        Red or White Wine. 7

La Famiglia. Parmigiano, roasted garlic aioli & prosciutto on a fresh baguette . 7
Half Grilled Cheeez. Rosemary Jack, aged white cheddar & caramelized onion . 6
Mini Mac. Our Standard Mac, made with three cheeses and a Parmesan herb crust . 6
Mini Haze. Cypress Grove’s Purple Haze goat cheese, fresh apple, strawberry & walnuts on organic greens . 7
Just Cheese. Four house selected artisan cheeses with baguette . 5
Hummus. House made hummus and seasoned pita chips . 5
Olive Sampler. A sampling of three Pantry olives . 5
Pantry Dipping Oil. Local olive oil, parmesan, cracked pepper, Sel Gris, & balsamic served with fresh baguette . 5


We are a “scratch-based” kitchen and ingredients change with our suppliers and the seasons — some menu items may change.

We urge you, our devoted customers, to come early, call ahead and know we will do our best to provide “preferred seating.” Because we are a small restaurant reservations can only be guaranteed at special events, such as, Winemaker Dinners and certain tasting events.


Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00am - 8:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Friday & Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm