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We care about you. We seek to nourish your bellies and delight your soul. We create food that is made with love and is great to eat. We use products that are organic, locally grown, fresh-as-absolutely-possible, high quality and just plain yummy. We love and respect our suppliers.

We care for our earth, our neighborhood and you, our Paradise Pantry family.


new menu creations + wine flight

July 16 - July 23

Menu ala Paradise

Kel’s Killer Mac n’ Cheese
El Matador. Ground chorizo, roasted potato, caramelized onion, pascilla chili with a blend of Spanish cheeses, saffron & oregano. 25 Full . 15 Mini
+ Rio Gozo Farm egg sunny-side-up.  2 
+ Monarch Meadows duck egg. 3

Spanish Anchovy & Local Olive Oil
With shaved Gordal olive, flat leaf parsley & cracked pepper served with toasted baguette. 14

Soup of the Day
Organic, Local & Vegan. Thai coconut, gold zucchini, yellow carrot & lentil finished with a coconut, pistachio dust & basil oil. 14 Bowl . 8 Cup

Seasonal Market Salad
Farmer’s Market sweet corn, heirloom carrots, beets, haricot verts & summer squash over local lettuces topped with fresh feta, sunflower sprouts & rosemary walnuts.  20
+ 4 oz King Salmon.  10

Pantry Flatbread
Alpine cheese blend, organic gold & green zucchini, fresh chevre with lemon honey & thyme, market nectarines & finished with bresaola (air cured beef) & baby arugula.
+ Rio Gozo Farm egg sunny-side-up.  2 
+ Monarch Meadows duck egg.  3

Avocado Toast
Sourdough ciabatta, mashed avocado, Green Goddess & pistachio pesto & house pickled Persian cucumber.  14
+ Rio Gozo sunny-side up egg.  2
+ Monarch Meadows duck egg.  3
+ local tomato. 2

Pantry Tomato Salad
Local tomato, multi colored quinoa, farm basil, & fresh Burrata cheese over Rio Gozo lettuces tossed with lemon sumac dressing topped with toasted pine nut, pea tendrils & balsamic glaze. 18
+ 4 oz King Salmon.  10
+ Rio Gozo Farm egg sunny-side-up.  2 
+ Monarch Meadows duck egg. 3

Grilled Salmon Salad
Over organic mixed lettuces, with local tomato, cucumber, avocado & lemon sumac vinaigrette.  24

Arnette’s Artisan Pretzel
House made pretzel brushed with garlic herb butter & Sel Gris, creamy Appenzeller mustard sauce, salami & cornichons. 13

Petty Ranch Stuffed Figs
Fresh local figs stuffed with blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts & golden raisins wrapped in prosciutto, broiled & drizzled with red wine reduction. 14

Friday & Saturday Night Dinners

Weekend Special

(Friday night - Sunday night)

Pasta and Jolly Oyster Clams

The Wine Flights


This Week’s Flights start July 23
Taste of Timbre Wines
Menu to come.


Chef Kelly is always innovating, creating and developing exciting new selections for her customers. When the local suppliers bring the newest and freshest ingredients she is driven to make the most incredible recipes to nourish and delight her customers.
And when a winemaker suggests a secret crush or a favorite, Wine Director Tina curates a wine flight that allows her customers to taste the amazing, the little known or the bright new wines that she knows will complement and celebrate the Paradise Pantry menu.


We are a “scratch-based” kitchen and ingredients change with our suppliers and the seasons — some menu items may change.

We urge you, our devoted customers, to come early, call ahead and know we will do our best to provide “preferred seating.” Because we are a small restaurant reservations can only be guaranteed at special events, such as, Winemaker Dinners and certain tasting events.


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