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tablas creek winemaker dinner.

Paradise Pantry presents a Wine and Food Pairing


April 11, 2018

Usually it all begins with the wine. But this time the lamb led the way to The Tablas Creek Vineyard Winemaker Dinner here at Paradise Pantry.

Winemaker dinners give Paradise Pantry the opportunity to show and share amazing wineries. And they allow Chef Kelly to create special recipes that celebrate the seasons, buy delicious products from our growers and showcase all that’s local, fresh, and organic — all to delight our customers.

Great wine, great food, great people! The Paradise Pantry Tablas Creek Winemaker Dinner hit ALL the bases.
— Keith L, Ventura local

Tablas Creek Vineyard is a long-time friend and collaborator with Paradise Pantry. As Kelly recalls, their dear friend, Darren Delmore, Tablas’ national sales manager, was once again “tasting” them through a great line up of current vintages when he happened to mention the biodynamic lamb program available from Tablas creek. This lamb ranching-program is one of only 2 in the nation. Listening to the story of Nathan Stuart, the Shepherd for Tablas, Kelly knew she wanted to share this incredible story, along with the Tablas wine and their lamb, with the Paradise Pantry world.

Then we were offered a lamb – “Darren informed me that they were taking orders for the spring harvest and asked if I would be interested. In that second I decided to do a special wine event paired with their offering of Spring lamb.

“When I got the opportunity to meet Nathan several weeks later it was amazing to listen to the story, see the passion, commitment, care and hard work that he puts into his herd. It only confirmed my drive to create a menu around this fascinating project and the wines of Tablas Creek.”

“I LOVE this event! Overall, the whole experience is one I wish to continue in the years to come.”

Tina & Chef Kelly understand terroir, serving an incredible combination of Tablas Creek wines along with lamb tartare, black cod in lamb consommé, braised lamb and lamb loin chops.
— Keith L, Ventura local

Chef Kelly, thrilled with the challenge, paired exquisite new recipes featuring their amazing biodynamic-ranched lamb for Paradise Pantry’s customers.

This was the first time for any of these menu items to be executed so we were all a little nervous about everything — from plate presentation, to overall wine pairing. Yet, once we were rolling …WE WERE ROLLING! Dinner was a great presentation of passion, creativity, experience and flat out talent from my kitchen warriors.
— Chef Kelly

Six courses were designed. Original recipes were created and served. Our restaurant seats just under 40 and we filled every spot (with a huge wait list just in case!)

Take a bow Kelly to a brilliant night of fine dinning! Six courses paired with Tablas Creek Wine! Fabulous! Bravo! The lamb was melt-in-your-mouth and the wine brought out the true beauty of lamb.
— Jeanne-Marie O, Ventura local

What’s Chef Kelly’s secret? Here’s one — drinking a glass of the Tablas Creek 2017 Vermintino while preparing the lamb tartare to pair was magical and inspirational!

This is the best lamb that I’ve ever had!” and “sign me up for the next one” and “Kelly has outdone herself” and “How does she think of putting these flavors together?
— Comments overheard by lead server Summer

We at Paradise Pantry thank the Tablas Creek Vineyard crew, our talented and caring staff and servers for making this night extraordinary.

The Tablas menu was truly inspiring! Chef Kelly beautifully portrayed the versatility of lamb in such a harmonious way. The guests had constant smiles, it was wonderful to be a part of something so special.
— Comments written to Chef Kelly by server Chantal

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