Paradise Pantry

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local. inspired. vibrant.

We care about you. We seek to nourish your bellies and delight your soul. We create food that is made with love and is great to eat. We use products that are organic, locally grown, fresh-as-absolutely-possible, high quality and just plain yummy. We love and respect our suppliers.

We care for our earth, our neighborhood and you, our Paradise Pantry family.

cheese counter. artisan market.


ah,cheese, how it delights us.

Sharing a glass of wine, Tina and Kelly decided Paradise Pantry must have a cheese counter ripe with choices. Cheeses from local cheese makers and from distant partners too. Cheese that is hard, soft and grated, sliced and full of holes. Cheese with rinds, washed and not, yellow, orange and white. 

Our selection — easily 150 - 200 cheeses — fluctuates with the seasons. We are always trying new cheeses from all over the world. We have heartedly embraced the amazing national movement in “American” cheeses. We find producers, here and abroad, that are putting their passion, creativity and personal style into every wheel that is sent out. They care about their farms, their animals and their communities.

Come and chat with our mongers to find a cheese that is just right for you and your intended use — cooking, snacking, pairing, wowing!!! Cheeses change, evolve and develop over time. There are so many great reasons for cheese.

The Cheese Counter made room for the pairing of specialty items, including 20-40 types of cured meats, salami and other wonderful charcuterie — olives, anchovies, locally smoked salmon — all cut and/or sliced to order. Paradise Pantry’s Cheese Counter has grown every year since 2007, becoming the ultimate cheese mecca for downtown Ventura.

And remember, at Paradise Pantry you can taste before you buy. If you are looking for a particular cheese or a taste of something new, come in for a sample!



The Artisan Market came next and it is a treasure. We stock curated wines to surprise and delight our guests and collectors. Expert selections of cheese to pair or eat alone are joined by specialty crackers, jams and cheese-loving fig cakes. We carry house-made and sourced pickles, nuts and chocolates. Be amazed to find utensils that make your presentations beautiful — hand made wood platters, glass tags, cups, bowls, and other fun and useful accoutrements.


Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00am - 8:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 3:00pm

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