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We care about you. We seek to nourish your bellies and delight your soul. We create food that is made with love and is great to eat. We use products that are organic, locally grown, fresh-as-absolutely-possible, high quality and just plain yummy. We love and respect our suppliers.

We care for our earth, our neighborhood and you, our Paradise Pantry family.

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The Paradise Pantry wine selection is diverse. Curated wines are here to surprise and delight our guests and collectors.

We endeavor to serve our clients by learning what our customers love, want and might be open to. We often get to taste with them, understand their selections and teach them how to ask for their favorite styles. 

Wine is personal, flavors are perceived by our own diverse past experiences. There are a few universals in what is the “best” wine and yet, we all have different ideas and most are not wrong. In wine, there is something for everyone. 

We work with a ridiculous number of winemakers, distributors, importers and brokers to find delicious wines. We look for wines that pair well with a variety of cuisines and those that take center stage.

We carry easily 400 wines primarily from California, Oregon, Washington State, New York, New Mexico and the world — Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Tazmania, Chile, Argentina, South Africa. We love finding new areas that are breaking into creating new wines as well as the standbys that have proved consistency in quality, vintage after vintage.

We research and explore the trends and innovations that are affecting the wine world. We adore those who employ new farming techniques and those who revitalize traditional techniques to create wines with terroir. 

Paradise Pantry owners, Kelly and Tina, created one of the first restaurants in Ventura county to showcase wine and cheese pairings. They were inspired by the rich history of artisan wine and cheese producers in both Europe and America. These “pairings” are complemented in imaginative ways.

It is fun and so delicious to sample something new all year long. See our Weekly Wine Flights on our Specials menu and become a member of our Paradise Pantry Wine Club.

wine club

The Paradise Pantry Wine Club is the natural outcome of Kelly and Tina’s love of wine and their deep desire to share exquisite finds. They celebrate the careful stewardship of the land that many of their wines share.  They love the innovation and earth-loving practices that winemakers are pursuing and work to share those with their Paradise Pantry family.

The Paradise Pantry Wine Club, with the Weekly Wine Flights listed in our Specials, is designed to give you tastes of winemakers secret crushes, big successes, and favorites. We bring local and not so local finds to Club members every month. We cater to our members preferences and desires to learn more, taste new and explore wines that they might never know outside of our club. 

Curated by Wine Director Tina, members get bottles from wineries that produce special wines, from amazing winemakers who love their collectors. These are wines that are not carried by big corporate distributors. Within the first month, a Club member will be happily drinking wines that expand or satisfy their personal taste favorites. What a delight to sample something new all year long. Our Wine Notes offer a look into the wine, the winery and how Tina and Kelly found each wine that comes every month.

The Paradise Pantry Wine Club is perfect for the wine drinker who loves it now and collects it to love later too!

So click on over to the The Paradise Pantry Wine Club sign up and let’s get you some wine right away.


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